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How do I buy a coin/token on ATAIX?

After you have deposited the coins you would like to trade with into your wallet, click on “trade” at the top left, which will take you to the ATAIX trading dashboard. From the dashboard, select the pair you would like to trade for/with at the top left. Once you have the pair selected, choose whether you would like to do a “limit” or “market” order.


For a limit order, note the amount of the coin you would like to purchase. Note the amount you are willing to pay for it with the coin you are trading with in the field below. Once a sell order that matches your request is posted, the trade will automatically be executed.

There are three types of limit orders that you can choose below the price field:

  • Good til Cancel (GTC)- the order will be available until it is executed or cancelled.

  • Fill or Kill (FTK)- order must be executed fully and immediately or be cancelled.

  • Immediate or Cancel (IOC)- order must be fulfilled immediately or cancelled, with partial fulfillment being an option.


For a market order, simply note the amount of the coin you would like to purchase and hit “buy.” The order will be fulfilled based on the market value of the coin.

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