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How to deposit on your fiat wallet on ATAIX Eurasia with a card?

Anyone can replenish their Mastercard card of any Kazakhstani bank and withdraw any amount over 20,000 KZT from the fiat wallet of the exchange, the maximum withdrawal limits may vary depending on the partner bank. Please note that transactions less than 20,000 KZT or the equivalent in another fiat currency will not be processed. It is highly recommended that you enter your bank details carefully to avoid mistakes. Please note that ATAIX Eurasia is not responsible for transactions sent with incorrect details. The standard transfer time on the card is 20 minutes. In exceptional cases, this may take up to 3 business days. In accordance with the Rules, the data of the card account holder must always match the full name of your account on ATAIX Eurasia. If the data does not match, the funds will be returned to the owner of the fiat wallet within 30 days and the costs of such a transaction will be deducted from the owner of the wallet.

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