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How do I sign up for an ATAIX account?

Go to the ATAIX home page and click on “sign up”.

Enter an email, choose a password, confirm the password, click on captcha to prove you’re not a robot, enter a promo code if you have one, and click on "sign up".

If the “Sign Up” button remains unclickable, please check the data that you’ve entered again. It could be that the passwords you entered didn’t match, or that they weren’t in the specified format. To see the specific error, simply scroll down.

Once you click on “Sign Up”, you will be prompted to verify your email. Please check the inbox of the email address you’ve entered for an email from ATAIX with the subject line “Please verify your E-Mail address,” and click on the verification link in the email.

This will take you back to and you will be prompted to sign in. Do so with the email and password you registered with.

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