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What happens to 2FA if I lose my phone?

As a preventative measure, the first thing we recommend to all users who set up 2FA is to go to Account -> Settings. Under "2 Factor Authentication", click the "Show Secret Key" link. Once you enter your 2FA code, you should see your secret 2FA key. Copy that key and save it somewhere secure. Having the secret key on hand will allow you to move your 2FA to another device without any issues.

If, however, you lost access to your 2FA device without saving your key and want to regain access to your account, the ATAIX team will have to manually verify your identity for security reasons. For this purpose, ATAIX will ask that you send the following in an email to [email protected]:

- Registration Date

- Full Name

- Country of Residence

- Phone Number

- Government Issued ID

- Last deposited currency and amount

- Last login date and time

The support team should review your case and get back to you within a working day.

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